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Rabu, 15 Februari 2012


I've never celebrated Valentines with my then boyfriend (now husband) during our 2 year relationship before we got married. We didn't need to exchange gifts, he didn't give me chocolates, teddy bears or roses or out for a romantic dinner.

Yet we made it through and now we have a Maisarah & Qaisarah, and we're very happy. Religious reasons aside, I do not see the purpose of celebrating Valentines. Besides it's not special, not unique, celebrating love on the same day as everyone.

The only 'special' thing about Valentines is the superficial material stuff that comes with catered to that day. A whole opportunity for people to make money and rip off people who believe love should be celebrated in a material form. You do not need material stuff to show or prove that you love someone. That's not the essence of true love. Stupid it's.

So please, tak payahlah nak gedik celebrated. Apa tak cukup bukti cinta korang pada pasangan anda yang anda perlu menyambutnya pada 14hb Februari? Cinta kita kepada Allah bagaimana pula? Renung-renungkanlah. Tapi before aku together2 dengan Hubby, aku pun pernah terlalai and obses dengan valentines day ni. Shitt, Ampunkan Aku Ya Allah..

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